Brunswick Blast Zone Bowling Ball

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For 2007, Brunswick is bringing back an updated version of the bowling industry’s original asymmetric core. The Phantom core was the first core with a two-pin design and a built in Preferential Spin Axis (PSA). The ABC/USBC used the Phantom core to establish the original RGmin and RGdiff specifications for the system of bowling. By using an updated version of the Phantom core, Brunswick has increased the asymmetric differential of the Zone line from 0.017” to 0.020”. Combined with Activator coverstock and a 800-grit wet sand finish, the Blast Zone upgrades the Strike Zone in the Zone Asymmetric line.


The Blast Zone uses a hybrid version of Activator coverstock, combining the Activator Solid from the Ultimate Inferno® with the Activator Pearl from the Original Inferno. The Blast Zone retains the popular Activator ball reaction. Clean through the heads, but with an early revving type of roll, that promotes mid-lane recovery and a powerful but continuous breakpoint.

Reaction Characteristics

With its 800-grit wet sand surface, the Blast Zone is an ideal asymmetric ball on medium-to-oily lane conditions.


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