Brunswick Diamondback Bowling Ball


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Core TypeMulti-Sided Rocket Core
Finishing Steps2,000 Micro Pad
RG Max2.539
RG Min2.496
RG Differential0.045
RG Average3.5 / 10Center Heavy (1 – 10) Cover Heavy
Hook Potential160 / 250Low (10 – 250) High
Length100 / 235Early (25 – 235) Long
Breakpoint Shape80 / 150Smooth Arc (10 – 150) Angular Arc


The Diamondback is the first ball with Activator Solid coverstock available at the Advanced Performance price point. The original Activator coverstock used on the Diamondback is a proven formula that provides proven downlane recovery, longevity of ball reaction and unprecedented durability with superior resistance to cracking.


The Diamondback uses the proven Brunswick multi-sided Rocket™ core system, providing a low RG core that when combined with the original Activator coverstock produces a ball reaction that is unmatched at the Advanced Performance price point. Clean through the front with an aggressive move at the breakpoint, the Diamondback gives amazing back for the buck. There isn’t another ball in this class that’s even close.

Reaction Characteristics

With its 2,000 Siaair Micro Pad finish, the Diamondback will provide good length with a strong continuous backend reaction that matches up on medium to oily lane conditions for a wide range of bowling styles.

Reaction Setup

The Diamondback can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for symmetric bowling balls.


12 lbs (pounds), 13 lbs (pounds), 14 lbs (pounds), 15 lbs (pounds), 16 lbs (pounds)




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