Brunswick Swarm Bowling Ball

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The Swarm combines a pearlized PowerKoil 18 coverstock with the new medium RG Honeycomb core to create a strong skid/snap ball reaction. With its pearlized surface the Swarm delivers good length on all but the driest lane conditions combined with a aggressive and angular breakpoint.


Aggressive Reactive Coverstock: PowrKoil 18 coverstock is a proven performer that has probably been on more bowling balls than any other Reactive coverstock in the bowling industry. PowrKoil 18 has been used on some of Brunswick’s most successful balls including the Danger Zone, Red Alert and BVP Nemesis. Aggressive in the oil and strong off the dry, PowrKoil 18 is a perennial favorite among all styles of bowlers.

Medium RG Honeycomb Core: The Swarm uses Brunswick’s new Multi-Sided Honeycomb Core System which incorporates a honeycomb of high and low density fillers to create an optimum medium RG match-up for length and angularity. The Swarm’s medium RG helps push the ball through the mid-lane, creates a buzz at the breakpoint that stings the pins.

High Gloss Polish Finish: The Swarm is finished with Brunswick’s High Gloss Polish Factory Finish. This finish works beautifully with PowerKoil 18 to create length and a angular back-end.

With its High Gloss Polish finish the Swarm will match up well on medium-oily to medium-dry lane conditions.

The Swarm is finished with Brunswick’s Factory Finish High Gloss Polish.


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